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L6214 Civil Rights

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Course Limitations

Instructor Pre-requisites

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Recommended Courses

Other Limitations

Learning Outcome Goals

Primary Goals

  • Understanding the basic regulatory structure of law as pertains to race and racial discrimination, with a specific focus on the constitutional parameters within which racial patterns of social power have been constituted and regulated.
  • Learning the gaps, conflicts, and ambiguities in antidiscrimination law, and exploring the various interpretive and ideological mechanisms that have been deployed in the development of doctrine.
  • Learning critical tools to analyze contemporary race ideologies with a particular focus on identifying how key ideologies such as colorblindness and race neutrality have adapted to racial conflict over time.
  • Learning the role of advocacy and group mobilization in relationship to legal reform, with a particular focus on judicial activity in shaping the breadth and scope of antidiscrimination law;
  • Understanding current controversies such as police accountability, racial violence, political participation and access to education through an historical and contemporary legal perspective.

General Information

Type: Lecture
Level: Upperclass
Additional Attributes: LLM NY Bar Exam Qualifier