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L9256 Mass Incarceration Clinic

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Course Limitations

Instructor Pre-requisites

Instructor Co-requisites

Recommended Courses

Other Limitations
By permission of instructor and byclinic application.

Learning Outcome Goals

Primary Goals

  • Students will read and discuss the demographics of incarceration in the United States. They will learn about the impact of criminal justice policy on communities with particular attention to the disparate impact in racial and socio-economic terms.
  • Students will learn about the consequences of these policies and the conditions of incarceration through direct representation of prisoners housed in state and federal prisons in New York and Connecticut.
  • Students will learn the basic tools of litigation challenging conditions of confinement through seminar readings and discussion and through research targeted at achieving the goals of their individual clients.

Secondary Goals

  • Students will develop their interview and oral presentation skills both through class discussion and during interactions (client interviews, negotiation with opposing parties, etc.) necessary to advance their clients' goals.
  • Strengthen legal research and writing skills. This will occur through a combination of investigation of potential legal tools, by writing legal and factual memoranda and by writing both advice and legal demand letters in connection with client work.
  • Students will learn the basics of factual investigation, including document review and analysis.

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