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The Board of Visitors is a group of distinguished alumni who represent the diversity of experiences, interests, and places embraced by Columbia Law School. Board members meet twice yearly and advise the dean and faculty on a range of issues of concern to the Law School—from the challenges facing legal education in the 21st century to the relationships and opportunities afforded by the Law School’s global reach; from support for the Law School’s fundraising and institutional advancement goals to the cultivation of lifelong engagement with the Law School community among successive generations of alumni.


Board Of Visitors CHAIR

Cathy M. Kaplan ’77


Board Of Visitors Members

L. Howard Adams ’79 
Marlene Alva ’74 
Bruce D. Angiolillo ’77 
David A. Barrett ’74 
Mark A. Belnick’ 71 
J. Frederick Berg  Jr ’69 
Daniel L. Berger ’79 
Steven E. Bizar ’88 
Stephanie R. Breslow ’84
Lanny A. Breuer ’85 
Laura W. Brill ’94 
Douglas D. Broadwater ’69 
The Hon. Anita Blumstein Brody ’58 
Robert E. Buchholz ’79 
Kenneth A. Caruso ’77 
Geoffrey J. Colvin ’77 
Robert G. DeLaMater ’84 
Richard K. Elbaum ’93 
Robert C. Fleder ‘73
Allen R. Friedman ’83 
Eduardo Gallardo ’99 
Jonathan D. Gifford ’05
Paul M. Goldschmid ’05 
Michael R. Griffinger ’64 
Peter C. Hein ’75 
Gregory P. Ho ’77 
Adriene L. Holder, ’91
Matthew H. Hurlock ’93 
The Hon. Roderick L. Ireland ’69 
Nobuhisa Ishizuka ’86 
Young-Cheol Jeong ’86 
Gregory L. Johnson ’72 
Robert J. Jossen ’72 
Mark N. Kaplan ’53 
Robert N. Kaplan ’64 
John J. Kerr Jr. ’76 
Jeffrey L. Kessler ’77 

Mojdeh L. Khaghan ’91
Mahmood Khimji ’84 
Jeffrey B. Korn ’00 
Harvey Kurzweil ’69 
Jay P. Lefkowitz ’87 
Burton Lehman ’65 
Raymond Y. Lin ’84 
Susan B. Lindenauer ’64 
Rohit Manocha ’83 
Annette L. Nazareth ’81 
Daniel A. Neff ’77 
Joseph E. Neuhaus ’82 
Daniel A. Ottensoser ’96 
Ravi Purohit ’03 
Edgar G. Rios Jr. ’77  
The Hon. Robert D. Sack ’63 
Susan L. Saltzstein ’91 
Patricia Perez Santonocito ’79 
Joshua Irwin Schiller ’08 
Kathryn E. Schneider  ’91 
Minna Schrag ’75 
James Schreiber ’68 
Beesham A. Seecharan ’98
Samuel Whitney Seymour ’82 
Emily C. Sharko ’00 
Max Rees Schulman ’70 
Rebecca J. Simmons ’91 
Po Y. Sit ’88 
Robert H. Smit ’86 
Judith Reinhardt Thoyer ’65 
Michael H. Ullmann ’83 
Donald B. Verrilli Jr. ’83 
Alan B. Vickery ’83 
Jonathan L. Walcoff ’86 
Thomas W. White ’78 
Laura M. Yacovone Toma ’87 
Scott R. Yagoda ’92
Shuji Yanase ’72 LL.M.
Eric M. Zachs ’85 
The Hon. Kathryn E. Zenoff ’71


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