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  • Coming here and seeing all the resources, all the possibilities, has only made me thirstier, hungrier for more. I need to take it further.

    Rommel Casis ’10 LL.M.

  • So much of the conflict in the world today is driven by very basic human needs not being met. It’s very easy to make the connection between food security and global security. Equitably structured and well-regulated investment in food systems is imperative for development, which, in turn, enhances global security.

    Anna Marie Bulman ’15 LL.M.

  • If Columbia Law School has prepared us for anything, it’s how to think on our feet in response to tough questions from people who know a lot more than we do.

    Beatrice C. Franklin ’14

  • Columbia has allowed me to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who have faced different sets of obstacles and are committed to building collaborative networks for social change.

    Gulika Reddy ’16 LL.M.

  • International lawyers, whether representing individuals, businesses, or governments, have immense potential to contribute to peace, development, and security.

    Jason W. Schnier ’15